Innovative solutions for electrical equipment.


Innovative solutions for electrical equipment




  • Product Specifications
  • Drawing review
  • Manufacturing updates & correction
  • Testing & review
  • Field supervision of installation & reassembly
  • Final startup and testing
  • Deployment
  • Preventive Maintenance

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Preventive Maintenance

Maximizing Asset Value



Paradigm provides the right talent to make sure you get the maximum value return for your equipment. Paradigm can maintain a comprehensive
maintenance history and provide data-driven recommendations for optimal system performance. including periodic meetings to review services performed and maintenance plans for covered items.
The advantages of Paradigm’s preventive maintenance schedule include:
  • Less equipment downtime
  • Longer asset life
  • Fewer interruptions to critical operations
  • Increased workplace safety
  • Increased compliance
  • Improved efficiency

VFD Preventive Maintenance

Protecting Your Most Crucial Equipment


Paradigm delivers a comprehensive preventive maintenance program to minimize your equipment downtime and optimize performance. Electrical systems that are not subjected to preventive maintenance are three times more likely to experience failure than those that are. Paradigm’s equipment expertise ensures you will maximum your VFD’s life.


PMs are administered every 30 days, 6 months, and annually.




30-Day PM

  • Cleaning of Accessible Components
  • DLRO of Accessible Connectors
  • Insulation Tests
  • Inspection of Components (Fans, Air Filters, Transformers, Power
  • Modules, Isolation Switch, and Contactor Breakers
  • Create and Maintain a Service History
6-Month PM

Includes the 30-Day PM Service


  • System Review Including ASD, PDC, Building
  • Detailed Transformer & Contactor/Breaker Testing
  • Oscilloscope Analysis & Recommendations
Annual PM

Includes the 6-Month PM Service


  • Critical Spare Parts/Power Module Cycling
  • Power Module Recertification
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades

HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Guaranteeing a Safe Operating Environment


Paradigm Controls of Texas provides preventative maintenance packages for all your HVAC systems. Our PM’s are tailored to your specific system. These PMs are designed to be a low-cost service, extending the life of your HVAC systems.

How The Process Works

  • An initial review of your HVAC systems will be conducted by certified and licensed HAV technicians.
  • Based on the equipment condition, a recommended maintenance plan will be provided.
  • With every PM, a professional maintenance report is provided.
  • Conducting routine maintenance optimizes equipment life cycles and prevents unscheduled downtime.
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