Innovative solutions for electrical equipment.


Innovative solutions for electrical equipment

Paradigm began selling equipment in 2007 and shortly after moved into fully integrated PDC buildings. Whether it’s individual gear, a pilot project, or an entire facility, Paradigm provides unique experience in gear and e-house provision. Paradigm Controls has sold over 750 MV VFDs with value added engineering and integrated them into 100s of PDC’s with MV/LV switchgear, MV/LV MCCs, UPS systems, and control panels. Paradigm has executed many different designs in electrical switchgear and VFD application.

When you need a small motor drive or a multi-building lineup of critical electrical equipment, Paradigm is here to derisk your project and ensure the best possible result.


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Switchgear/Motor Controllers

MV Switchgear/MCC


Electrical Equipment Center (PDC/PCR/PEC/E-House)

T300MVi MV Standard Duty All Purpose

MTX NEMA 3R MV Outdoor Drive

Plus Pack LV Severe Outdoor

W7 LV Variable Torque

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