Innovative solutions for electrical equipment.


Innovative solutions for electrical equipment

About Paradigm



Established in 2007, Paradigm Controls is a Project Management group and a custom integrator of electrical equipment serving the Oil & Gas and Power Generation markets.  Our team has been carefully designed with professionals that have diverse experience and specialties to provide the client with a superior project experience.

Our primary focus has been in the Midstream Pipeline & Gas Processing markets.  We also have experience in Power & Distribution applications.  We have supplied over $400M worth of products and project services in the last 10 years: Delivering over 500 MV electrical projects & 200 PDCs for more than 1,000,000 Combined Horsepower.

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Why Paradigm?



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  • Paradigm provides what the client wants, we are not bound to particular Manufacturer.
  • We offer pre-shipment inspection services.  It is better to discover problems before the equipment arrives at the jobsite as it is much easier to fix issues at the manufacturer/integrator location.
  • After shipment, we offer 24 hour support and single point of contact coordination of field service activities.
  • Careful coordination of VFD and motor sizing considering the application, speed range, environment, etc.  This is important when considering a reciprocating compressor load.  For example, PCTX sized the VFD to have adequate overload capability to manage the torque swings caused with each crank of the pistons in the compressor.
  • If the motor is also purchased through the integrator, this ensures that the VFD manufacturer and motor manufacturer are the same brand and adds an extra layer of coordination. Toshiba has Engineering and R&D centers for both motors and VFDs at the same location, in the Houston Corporate Headquarters.

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What Makes Us Different



  • The major benefit of issuing a purchase order to an experienced electrical integrator is the single source responsibility for all requirements associated with the electrical package.
  • Turnkey capabilities for packaging VFDs in pre-fabricated electrical buildings.  PCTX cannot overstate this benefit.
  • Ensuring the VFD environmental specifications are considered, including adequate/appropriate ventilation and HVAC in the building.  Lack of foresight in this area is the #1 cause of premature VFD failures.
  • Electrical buildings that meet and exceed the most stringent codes & standards.
  • A quality integrator will take care of all the internal interconnect cabling and wiring prior to the equipment shipping to the job site.  In many cases, this will allow the jobsite to significantly reduce their on-site electrical contract labor and material costs plus save time.
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