Toshiba’s vertical solid shaft thrust motors are built with the petrochemical and material processing industries in mind. Motors are built from 15HP through 250HP, 1200RPM to 3600RPM, 460 or 575 volt, in normal (HP) and medium (LP) thrust designs, in frame sizes from 250LP/HP through 440LP/HP. Motors are available in standard and premium efficiencies and are all cast iron construction. In addition, our LP design meets API 610 specifications for chemical processing applications and all motors include a patent-pending lubrication system that provides improved flow and circulation of grease and oil for longer bearing life.



We are an integrated supplier of Power & Motor Control Systems, Adjustable Speed Drives, Electric Motors and Project Management. Whether your need is as simple as a motor starter or an adjustable speed drive; or as extensive as a custom designed equipment center with MV VFD's, switchgear, motor control and integrated equipment, we can provide you a solution. .